design is our passion


Give us pencils, some papers and leave us for weeks in our design studio.

Uniqueness, creativity and design is at the heart of everything what we do, so it takes weeks of hard work finalising the design and drawing process of any designer sunglasses model of Friday Fellows' to the tiniest details.  Once we are happy with the results, we send our technical drawings to Asia, where our manufacturer starts the creation of a prototype model.

We take pride that we were able to partner the best eyewear manufacturer in Asia, whose focus on quality and attention to details enable us to present Friday Fellows designer sunglasses at the highest quality.


At Friday Fellows we believe that the unique design must take form in the finest quality.

As soon as we get the prototype model samples, we fly over to our manufacturer to arrange and optimise the form, fitting of the sunglasses prototype model. We believe that the unique design must be presented in the finest quality, for this reason all of our designer sunglasses are made of the highest quality materials.

Apart from using the most premium materials for our designer sunglasses, Friday Fellows' commitment to quality drives us to test and optimise our frames and lenses over and over again until we are fully satisfied with the quality and we can say 'this is perfect'.


The most emotional moment in the whole process here at Friday Fellows is receiving the first shipments of the perfect  sunglasses at their final form and presentation so that we are ready to deliver it to you.

Since design is an integral element of Friday Fellows' identity, as soon as this process is over, we are ready to start this journey all over again, by taking our pencils, papers and hiding in our design studio for another weeks crafting and bringing the next unique piece of Friday Fellows designer sunglass to life, ready to be delivered to you. 

Bored of mainstream eyewear? We are too. Join us to swim upstream and discover our world of unique designer sunglasses.